Winter Break Camp

Cozy warm learning fun


-Karla Bjordammen

Convenient & Accommodating

Winter break is crazy busy. Camp Safari Science fits your schedule. Register for only the days you need.

  • Register for individual days
  • Get your shopping done
  • Engage your child’s mind

Winter Break Camp Week 1

Dec 27

Birds and Volcanoes!

  • Train a parrot
  • Watch a hawk fly
  • Create a volcano and destroy a tiny village!

Dec 28

Lizards and Colours!

  • Feed Lizards and watch them climb
  • Get messy and work with colours
  • Shaving cream colour-mixing!

Dec 29

Rodents and Rockets!

  • Meet some cute critters
  • Make hamster mazes
  • Make soda bottle rockets!

Winter Break Camp Week 2

Jan 2

Geckos and Dry Ice!

  • Meet and interact with different kinds of geckos!
  • Make dry ice and learn about all the cool things it does

Jan 3

Rabbits and Race Cars!

  • Meet and snuggle with rabbits!
  • Learn about their amazing skills
  • Make your own rubber-band race car


Jan 4

Chinchilla’s and Catapult’s!

  • Hold and learn about chinchilla’s
  • Watch a chinchilla take a dust bath!
  • Make your own catapult!

Jan 5

Snakes and Sounds!

  • Learn about snakes. How do they move? How do they hunt?
  • Learn how humans and animals use sound
  • Navigate your way through a maze blindfolded, using only sound!

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