Summer Camp at Safari Science

Super fun engaging experience in Oakville & Burlington


-Karla Bjordammen

Summer Camp at Safari Science

Summer camp at Safari Science is available every week of the summer. Camp is all about interactive learning with animals, science and making.

We’re a STEAM Camp

Our camp is a STEAM camp, not just because it’s hot in the summer. STEAM stands for science, technology, engineering, arts and math. It used to be called STEM, but researchers realized that the arts are in important part of the equation.

Creative Learning is the Best

At Safari Science we incorporate creativity in learning. For example, we’ll put on a dramatic sketch to teach about a concept though story, rather than boringly explain the details like in a lecture.

On the flip side, we’ll do “lecture” style presentations, but there we’ll add lots of surprises to keep it interesting. From guest animals, to silly jokes, demonstrations, volunteers and the like.

Learning is Fun at Safari Science

Learning is always fun and exciting at Safari Science. We’ve been at it since 2003, and our entire team absolutely loves their job. This is good for you, because sending your child to a happy positive atmosphere is half the battle when it comes to choosing a great summer camp that you can trust and that your child will love.

Contact Us

Contact us for more info about summer camp, call (905) 901-4848

Registration goes up early 2018.

See you at camp!

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