Custom Combo Birthday Party

Safari Science


Have an amazing party with animals and activities that kids love.

Party at Safari Science - At one of our 3 facilities for a 2-hour party experience. 

Party at Home - Programs that come to your home or location.

Party Presentations

Every party includes an entertaining and interactive party presentation with animals or science. 

Critters Presentation - Meet and interact with 10 adorable animals, no snakes or spiders. Animals included: hamster, chinchilla, guinea pig, skinny pig, gecko, tree frog, tortoise, hedgehog, dove, ferret, rabbit.

Reptiles Presentation - Meet and interact with 10 fascinating reptiles from around the world. Featuring a variety of snakes, lizards, tree frogs and tortoises. 

Reptiles & Critters Presentation - Can't decide which animals to go with? This party line up is a great mixture of both the Critter and Reptile presentation. 

Party Upgrades

Enhance your party experience with amazing add-on activities and science experiments. 

Starter Activities

The custom party package starts at $399+tax for at your home or at a Safari Science location. Contact us for more information.