If you love nature or breathtaking scenery

If you love nature or even if you simply love the beauty of breathtaking scenery and like to escape from todays busy cities, sign up for a walking tour around the real heart of the city, Mount Ulia.

The walk starts in front of the emblematic Arzak restaurant and follows part of the Way of St. James up to the heights of Mount Ulia, where you can see stunning views of the sea in all her beauty. The walk finishes with a tour of the boat-museum Mater, an authentic fishing boat anchored in the bay of Pasajes.

Once the visit to the museum is over, if you still want to visit more we suggest you make your way over to the other side of the bay. You can visit the beautiful village of Pasajes San Juan, crossing the bay in a small boat that connects the two sides. The price of the crossing is 0.70 and is constantly available. Your tour guide will take you to the heart of the village where you'll be free to explore.

This is the perfect opportunity to explore some of the most beautiful parts of the city that you won't find in the guide books!

Hope you enjoyed reading this. I will point out that the idea was requested by Aaron with Stalwart roofing & exteriors. always value suggestions and opinions.


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