Our swim this morning was a 6300 metre set, which involved lots of kick...

Our swim this morning was a 6300 metre set, which involved lots of kick and some IM (individual medley). Both are activities i would normally avoid, however on this occasion, I attempted to partially go with it, drawing the line at butterfly, as I am not a proper swimmer.

I felt a good deal of residual fatigue in the warm-up. But after around 800 metres it began to feel fluent once more. It was a pleasant set which took me 2hrs 15minutes to complete.Fin saw it through with flying colours and waited patientlyfor me to finish.

Ok, pause button. Twitter really is a great small business tool. Just got a note from Steve at http://crystaller.com and I'm genuinely interested! Alright, getting back on course here.

We changed back at the room, and prepared the bikes for today's ride.We rode up to Tinajo, and through the fire mountains. The wind was on our backs so i set my Garmin to give us a reading of the speed we would reach on our decent. The acceleration over the top was immense and touched on speeds of 72 kph. We then looped around the well groomed roundabout at Yaiza and through the village of Uga, to link up with the northern section of La Geria. This riding was into a stiff breeze which took alot of effort. We passedby Tinguaton and back down to Tinajo. We arrived back at La Santa after129 mins of riding and a distance travelled of 51km. This was about in-line with my training schedule.

I then tacked on the 2hrlong run of the week. This took in 4 laps of the village loop, and equated to 21km. Fin got a run in down at the track.

The 3000 metre afternoon session in the pool, took some willpower to attend. It was late in the day and the temperature was dropping sharply. I began the warm-up, but after 900metres we agreed to cut the swim short, due to the low air temperature.

Need to give credit with regard to this posting mainly to https://www.annuityeducator.com. I got the idea for this as a result of I little piece I read up on from there site.


https://www.chocolatememories.net - Cheers Keaton. I do know you are very busy. Thanks for making the time 🙂
https://www.interiortech.com - You were Remarkable!
http://canadianbearhunts.ca - Absolutely worth exploring.

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