Kerala Side Trips

While we we're in Kerala, we made a few side trips; the Elephant Sanctuary where the kids and Brian helped bath the elephants; Allepey for an overnight houseboat trip through the backwaters; Trivandrum for shopping; and Kunyakumari which is the southernmost tip of India.

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While Brian and the kids we're willing to go in the water to help wash up the elephants, the rest of us we're only willing to feed bananas to these magnificent animals. Asha took to the elephants right away, while Ein seemed a little hesitant. We all enjoyed our time at the sanctuary and it was great to see how the elephants we're cared for (I know I dangled a preposition, but I am on vacation). We also went on a Safari, but if you are ever in Kerala, don't bother the Toronto Zoo or African Lion Safari are much better. In fact, it was somewhat sad to see how the wildlife has been depleted.

We enjoyed the houseboat we rented to tour the backwaters of Kerala until the evening, when they park the boat and the breeze dies down. That's when the mosquitoes become quite annoying. Brian of course didn't seem to minduntil I made him sleep with the lights on because of the cockroaches. I would recommend a day trip, but Brian enjoyed the whole experience.

Trivandrum provided great shopping and after Brian and I saw the sign at the icy fruit shop, we decided we must try the ice cream. The ice cream in India is much better than the ice cream in Canada and it did indeed provide pleasure to the end. This was a stark contrast to our experience in Kunyakumari.

Kunyakumari is at the southern tip of India. There you are supposed to be able to see where the 3 bodies of water (Bay of Bengal, Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea) meet and pick up the 3 different coloured sands. Unfortunately, you can no longer make your way down to the tip, as it has become so commercialized. If you want the real story on Kunyakumari, it is best to ask Ein.

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