Anyhoo, the Raiders...

Anyhoo, the Raiders put paid to any idea of breaking the long standing NRL record by defeating the Melbourne Storm at home by 4 points. Today, the mighty Melbourne Storm met the Canberra Raiders in the nations capital, on their home ground, AND ANNIHILATED THEM!

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One newspaper described it thus, "The Raiders we're simply blown off the park in front of 10,826 shocked fans at Canberra Stadium on Sunday."

The Raiders we're hoping to give their skipper a bit of a birthday present, but instead it was basically a birthday bashing.

It took the magnificent Sisa Waqa just 4 minutes to get the first Try of the game. Cameron Smith showed that his kicking skills are improving all the time and nailed the conversion. The scores are under way at 0 6

One of the Raiders had apparently turned up to play and in the 7th minute score their one only Try. The Raiders failed to convert and the score line read like this, 4 6

After that it just seemed like Melbourne Storm we're on a mission to show the Canberra Raiders how it should be done.

In the 15th minute the winger with the funky name, Mahe Fonua got the ball across the chalk for the Melbourne Storms second Try. Unfortunately Cameron smith missed with the conversion but the scores are looking good at 4 10

Things got a bit quiet for about 6 or 7 minutes, then Will Chambers decided enough was enough and made his way across the chalk for Try number 3 for the Storm. This time Cameron got it right and the scores went up a bit to 4 16

Mahe Fonua figured he would give Cameron Smith the chance to right his wrong and got the ball over the line again. Unfortunately Cameron missed converting this one as well. Hopefully Mane won't take it personallyThe scores are getting happy at 4 20

That was in the 31st minute, and just 4 minutes later Billy Slater figured it was about time that people saw why he is considered the best fullback in the game. He got the ball down and Cameron nailed the conversion. The scores are VERY happy at 4 26

The first half was almost finished, and the guys from Canberra we're just counting down to the Half Time siren when Melbourne Storms very own version of Side Show Bob, Kevin Proctor barged his way over and Cameron converted and the scores are getting kind of ecstatic at 4 32

Everyone expects the Raiders to lift during the break but if they did, then Storm didn't care. Two minutes into the Second Half and Mahe Fonua says to Cameron Smith see if you can get this one He gets it over the line and Cameron Smith made it sweeter by converting. The scores are doing a happy dance at 4 38

Taking his lead from what they did in the First Half, Will Chambers got himself across again, just 7 minutes later and with the conversion successful he helped the scores along to 4 44

In minute 55 Billy (See You) Slater took another run at the line and got his double for the day. Cameron was getting some good old kicking practise and converted easily to push the scores to 4 50

In the 61st minute, Tohu Harris decides he should see what it feels like to stroll across the line with the ball in hand Can you spell T-R-Y? Cameron Smith is faultless now and the scoreline is embarrassing for the Raiders Fantastic for Storm! 4 56

Five minutes later Sisa Waqa decides to get himself a double, why not? Everyone else isCameron converts easily and the score is 4 62

Almost any other team with this much of a lead would be likely to relax a little and just protect the lead, but not the Storm, they just kept on coming and in the 76th minute, Sisa Waqa decided that Mahe Fonua shouldn't be the only one with a hat trick under his belt and he ambled across for his third. Cameron nailed this one and the scores are awesome.

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