An Exceptional Surprise and the Story Behind the Story

Frostenden is an ancient Saxon settlement, the Viking also tied up their longboats here (sea level was probably a bit higher in the early medieval period as we know it as a few degrees warmer). It is mentioned in the Doomsday book where t mentions that even then ships sailed up to it - the old river bed is now the ditch by the A12! In 2010 the Eastern Daily Press published a profile on the village which said:

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what it lacks in numbers it more than makes up for in an unusual history and charm

South Cove is now a small village on the back road between Wrentham and Southwold but once was a small port. The medieval church has a thatched roof. Easton broad to the south east of the village is one of only five examples of a bay mouth bar lagoon in the UK. It is formed by longshore drift of sand forming a spit right across the cove - thereby creating a lagoon behind it, which due to the input of rainwater and the streams running into it slowly turns from salt water to fresh. However, every year or so the sand and shingle bar separating it from the sea gets breached in a storm and salt water gets in. The bar repairs itself within a few weeks - but it means the water is in a constant state of flux between fresh and salt water. This creates a unique habitat for wild birds as it is brackish water - but unlike an estuary is completely still.

Frostenden playing fields

Many people who use the playing fields at Frostenden may not be aware of the great work that the playing fields committee doing in looking after them. After far too many delays we have finally got the lease renewed on the playing fields with reasonable terms - many thanks to all on the committee for all their had work!

Planning issue

English Nature objected to the old asbsestos sheds next to the church being knocked down and replaced with some discreet holiday accommodation. They claimed this would spoil the setting of the medieval church - though it's a bit hard to imagine a medieval church sitting in splendid isolation with no houses around it! Thankfully the development control (planning) committee we're persuaded to see sense!

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