California Moment (lunch 09/16/08)

Wow, today has gone by so fast already. I've been on the move a lot around town and walked about 5 miles while getting stuff done, so I'm not going to worry about going to the gym today.

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In my travels I had what I call a "California Moment," where I momentarily blank and behave as though I am in California. Sometimes this is funny and sometimes it's not so funny, like today when I looked the wrong way at a crosswalk and nearly got ran over by a bus. Other California Moments have been when I am walking down the street and smile and say "hi," to a passing stranger, and they look at me like I am a psychotic serial killer. The Brits just don't do this. Or when I have a crappy day and think that I can remedy this by going to get a $10 manicure. Not going to happen, honey.

Anyway I didn't have lunch until a bit later (nearly 2pmthe burrito held me over for a while). Despite the chilly weather I needed some fruit & milk so I whipped up a slightly smaller smoothie than usual and finished off my lowfat raspberry yogurt. The smoothie was a banana, some frozen blueberries, and 1% milk. What can I say, I'm a slave to dairy.

Yes, they have Real Simple in England. You just have to pay about $7 for it.


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