How Crowd Control Systems Develop over the Years

While relatively accepted in todays world at every type of public venue, from sporting events to music performances, the crowd barriers actually has something of long and perhaps deceptively interesting history that spans almost 150 years into the middle of the 19th century.

Its thought that the first impulse to produce some form of safety fencing came as early as 1864, when towards the end of September, the French photographer and, later, inventor, Gaspard-Flix Tournachon (who is perhaps better known by his pseudonym, Nadar), had recently embarked on a grand ballooning project in his Le Gant (The Giant) air machine and was arriving in Brussels. The story goes that as he arrived at the city, Nadar erected a series of moveable crowd barriers to prevent onlookers from coming to any harm.

Indeed, to this day crowd control barriers of all types are known as Nadar barriers in Belgium, and are often referred to as French barrier elsewhere on the continent.

Industrial production of safety fencing didn't really pick up until the middle of the 20th century. However, when wooden barricades we're produced to aid police and security firms in crowd management in metropolitan areas, the so-called wooden sawhorse barriers became known for their ability to psychologically deter crowds successfully from fenced off areas. They are notable for their starkly painted middle plank that formed the joint between the two supporting legs.

In the late 20th century the development of steel manufacturing meant that metal barricades had become a far more versatile choice for event planners, and by the end of the century, wooden fences had been phased out almost entirely, in favour of the metal mesh walls or movable stanchion and rope dividers.

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