March Break Camp 2018

Hop into our time travelling pyramid and explore the world through time. You’ll discover the animals and science of ancient and recent times. Each day is a new adventure, from Ancient Egypt to Pirate adventures.

Register for individual days, or for the entire week. This camp fills up, so register right away.

  • Monday: Dangerous Dinos
  • Tuesday: Excavating Egypt
  • Wednesday: Pirate Pals
  • Thursday: Daring Detectives
  • Friday: Amazon Adventures

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-Karla Bjordammen

March Break Camp at Safari Science is for kids who love to learn by interacting. Campers meet animals, conduct science experiments, engage in maker projects, play games, and so much more.

Expert Staff

Expert camp staff work with children to inspire and encourage them throughout the day.

Choose Your Days

For March Break you can choose individual days that your children attend. This is perfect if you have other plans during the week, or if you just want to make sure your child doesn’t get too bored while out of school.

When to Register

March break camp registration will open in January 2018. Be sure to keep an eye out or subscribe to know when camp registration is open.

March Break Camp in Oakville

March break camp is located in Oakville Ontario.

March Break Camp in Burlington

We’re hoping our new Burlington Location will be open on time, we’ll know in January when construction will be complete and will be able to confirm with you then.

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