Let’s Bring back the Bees

April is earth month, a time where we appreciate our beautiful planet and are more conscious of the ways we can keep it sustainable


It’s no big secret the bee population has been declining, globally. Some of the reasons for this decline are climate change, industrial agriculture, and parasites. There are other factors, including the destruction of their habitats, and the use of pesticides.


We need bees to sustain us as a population. When bees pollinate, they keep crops and  plants alive. If the bees continue to decline, agriculture will suffer.


Fortunately, many advocacy groups are looking at ways to boost the bee population.


There are things we can do at home, too, to attract bees! One of the easiest ways it to plant a few garden flowers that bees love. Here are a few you can find at your local garden centre:


  • Echinacea, also known as purple cornflower


  •   Lavender


  •   Crocus


  •  Sunflowers

  •  Lilac


What will you be planting in YOUR garden to help the bees? Tell us in the comments!

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