Stress free parties with animals and science

Touch and hold animals, try science experiments, your location or ours.


-Karla Bjordammen

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Animal Parties

Touch and hold your favourite animals. Choose furry, feathery and scaly. There are animals for everyone.

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Science Parties

Interact with impressive science demonstrations. Science experiments that guarantee excitement.

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Party Combos

Mix animals and science for the best birthday party experience. It’ll keep your kids busy for hours.

Animals at Your Birthday Party

Interact with Animals at your Birthday Party

Join in. Children experience animals by touching and holding friendly live animals.

Each experience is a crafted to be as exciting as it is educational. Presenters compliment fun facts with touching and holding animals. This allows children to make connections with their learning experience.

Delight in watching your child light up as they meet and interact with their favourite animals.

Cuddly Critters

Snuggle and cuddle your favourite pets from chinchillas to bunny rabbits and everything in between. This animal adventure is sure to please anyone who loves and adores animals.

Duration: 45 minutes

Animal Friends: Meet and interact with adorable animals including a hamster, guinea pig, tree frog, gecko, turtle, dove, chinchilla, hedgehog and a bunny rabbit.

Location: At Home or Safari Science

Reptile Wranglers

Touch and hold the coolest reptiles from around the world. Interact with geckos, pythons and everything in between. This is fun and safe animal experience that will impress everyone in the room.

Duration: 45 minutes

Animal Friends: Meet and interact with a variety of small and large snakes and lizards plus a tortoise, and a tree frog.

Location: At Home or Safari Science

Critters + Reptiles

The ultimate variety of animal interactions featuring favourites from the Cuddly Critters and Reptile Wrangler animal experience.

Duration: 45 minutes

Animal Friends: Meet and interact with a variety of snakes and lizards plus a tortoise, hedgehog, chinchilla, and bunny rabbit.

Location: At Home or Safari Science

Unusual Pets

Meet unusual animals, that are also sometimes pets. You’ll love the uniqueness of each animal as you learn surprising facts and enjoy their playfulness.

Duration: 45 minutes

Animal Friends: Sugar glider, ferret, hedgehog, a small parrot, silkie chicken, crested gecko, ball python, tree frog and a rabbit.

Location: Only at Safari Science

Reptile Wranglers Party Highlights

Cuddly Critters Party Highlights


-Donna Organ

Science at Your Birthday Party

Your Custom Science Experience

Choose from a wide variety of exciting science experiences that your kids will love.

Kids Do The Science Experiments

From volunteer assistants to working with partners at science stations, Safari Science programs keep children busy.

  • Shows are all about audience participation
  • Workshops keep kids busy at science stations
  • For the ultimate science experience, combine your show with a workshop.

A Fun Approach to Learning About Science

Expert instructors make learning about science fun. There will be many giggles and surprises your kids will love.

Super Science


Amazing science experiments that are guaranteed to impress. Hands-on, fun and educational for all ages.

Polymer Party


Kids make their own slime and instant “magic” snow. Explore the science of polymers, and keep what you make.

Science Potions Party


Mix your own bubbling science potion. Add ingredients to your potion and watch it grow, with dry ice! A crowd favourite.

Bubble Mania


Make bubbles in new and exciting ways. From bubble structures to giant bubbles that are bigger than the kids.

Safari Science on Breakfast Television

Science Potions Workshop


-Kim Teska

Packages For Your Party

Classic Party Package

Short and sweet. An animal show, or science show or workshop of your choice, and you’re good to go. Great for keeping things light.

Deluxe Party Package

Mix animals and science for an awesome party experience. This is a solid party experience that will keep your group engaged.

Epic Party Package

Not for the faint-hearted. The Epic Party is our longest and craziest experience. One show, plus two workshops. For maximum party action.

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Birthday Party Pricing

At Safari Science Birthday Party

Take it easy and enjoy your party at a Safari Science location.

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Party at Safari Science

Why party at home when you can party at Safari Science? On site parties are the easiest way for parents to enjoy their child’s party. You’re in, you have fun, then you can go home and relax.

Available Locations

  • Oakville Unit 6
  • Oakville Unit 11
  • Burlington – Coming Spring 2017

Included with at Safari Science Parties

  • Laser light dance party
  • Table cloths, plates, forks & napkins
  • Dedicated party host

Oakville Unit 6

  • Feels like home
  • 18 or less children

Oakville Unit 11

  • Large open area
  • 30 or less children

Oakville Unit 6


Oakville Unit 11

At Home Birthday Party

We’ll come to you for a party in the comfort of your own home.

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Safari Science Party at your Home

Have Safari Science come to you

  • Serving most of the GTA
  • Great option when you live far from us
  • Most party programs are available in your home
  • Travel fees apply for some locations

How to Book your Party

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3. Send Invitations

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