Fact Feud, Episode 2


This week on Fact Feud, Rob and Emma face off again with some cool facts about space and animals!

Here are some of the neat things we learned.

Q: What is a meteorite?

A: A Meteorite is a solid piece of matter from space that falls to earth. They are born from a piece of an object in space such as a comet, asteroid or meteoroid. There’s pieces of those so chunks of those that fall from space onto earth.  Cool!


Q: What is the slowest fish in the sea?

A: A seahorse! And it moves 0.01 miles per hour. They live in small shallow tropical temperatures, so they don’t have to travel very far to get warm.


Q:What’s the difference between a meteor and a meteorite?

A: A meteorite is also known as a shooting star, so it’s when that chunk off of the astronauts asteroid or the comet goes through our atmosphere and then catches on fire and combusts.


Q: How long is a giraffe’s tongue?

A: 18 inches long, and they are black. Giraffes  live in tropical and subtropical regions so their tongues are more exposed as they’re eating. Their black tongues have melanin in them which protects them from sunburns.


Q: How do people name meteorites?

A: They are either named after the area which they landed, or after a geographical area. For example, one that landed near Niagara Falls was named Niagara.

Q: There are over 8,000 reptiles all over the world they live on every continent except one. What is it?

A: Antarctica!


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