Animal Academy at Safari Science

Weekly programs that nurture learning and a passion for animals.

Weekdays after school at the Safari Science Centre in Burlington. 

Animal Scientists

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Ages 8-12

Animals work in many mysterious ways. Uncover the mysteries of animals through animal interactions and science experiments.

What makes frogs slimy? How can chinchillas jump so high? Why do snakes need bones?

Uncover animal mysteries with “Animal Scientists” at Safari Science. 

Animals & Art

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Ages 7-10

Imagine an art class, but with animals. This program is all about inspiring creativity with animals. Each week an animal guest will visit and inspire the children.

Participants will make awesome creations and have the opportunity to interact with the animal guest each week. 

Animals & Art is the perfect combination for the creative animal lover in your family.

Animal Rescuers

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Ages 4-6

This class is perfect for younger children. It’s like an episode of Dora and Diego – but in real life.

Children will rescue an animal each week through educational role play.

We’ll light up your child’s imagination with stories, songs and games that will take them on an adventure to rescue an animal friend who needs their help.

Animal Heroes

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Ages 7-10

The world needs more heroes. Kids can be heroes for animals.

This quest based program has new animals to meet each week, an endangered animal profile to discover, and important missions to help protect and heal the earth.

The Animal Heros program will equip children to make the world a better place. 

Creature Club

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Ages 7-10

This class is like National Geographic’s “Weird but True” book – but in real life, and with real animals too!

Discover about everything gross, strange, unusual, yet surprisingly true about the world of animals. Participants will come home bursting with animal knowledge. 

Creature Club is perfect for every animal enthusiasts with a thirst for knowledge.

2018 - 2019 Animal Academy Class Schedule

Animal Academy weekly schedule for the 2108-2019 school year. Class is in, and the animals are out!


No Classes


Animal Rescuers

4:45pm – 5:30pm

Animal Scientists

5:45pm – 6:40pm


Animals & Art

4:45pm – 5:40pm

Creature Club

5:45 – 6:40pm


Animal Heroes

4:45pm – 5:40pm


No Classes

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Terms for 2018

Term 1 – Week of September 17 to the week of November 5th

Term 2 – Week of November 12 to the week of January 14

Term 3 – Week of Jan 21 to the week of February 11

Term 4 – Week of February 18 to the week of April 15

Term 5  – Week of April 22 to the week of June 10

  • Each term is 8 sessions
  • Each session runs for 55 minutes
  • Tutiuons is $149+tax per child per term
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