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Weekly special interest classes your kids will love

Classes at Safari Science


Your best alternative to traditional after-school activities. Explore discover and learn in a fun upbeat environment where learning is ruled by doing.

10 weeks, 1 class per week, 1 hour per class.

Classes are best for children ages 7-12

Cost: $249+Tax

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Zookeepers Academy


Interact with real mammals as you go behind the scenes with the Safari Science animals. Experience first hand what it takes to be a zookeeper.

  • Interact with live animals
  • Feeding
  • Medical
  • Breeding

This program is perfect for children who love animals and are looking for a unique experience to nurture their passion.

Junior Veterinarians


Experience first hand what a veterinarian does. Meet animals, do surgery and more.

  • Live animal interactions
  • Use microscopes to examine samples
  • Practice surgery (on a banana) using veterinarian medical tools

This program is run by a vet tech who is experienced in the field of veterinary care.

Interactive Classes with Animals & Science

Classes at Safari Science fill a void for children who are into animals, making and science. There’s so many after school programs, but none of them cover these amazing topics that kids love.

Animal Classes

Our animal focused classes include learning about animal careers such as veterinarian, zookeeper and animal trainer.

Science Classes

Our science and maker classes allow kids to experiment and try new things. From conducting science experiments to creating awesome maker projects, there is a Safari Science class for every interest a child could have.

Enthusiastic Learning

For an amazing learning experience that will enhance school learning by inspiration alone, register your child for a class at Safari Science today.

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