Safari Science is Learning Kids Do

Welcome to a world of interactive learning

Fit the lesson to the child, not the child to the lesson.

-Rob Ruthart, Founder Safari Science

Hi. My name’s Rob Ruthart. Welcome to Safari Science.

I created Safari Science so that kids can learn in a way that is enjoyable to them. This presents a special challenge as all children are individuals, and they all learn differently.

Safari Science Learning Experiences

To create an enjoyable learning experience for all sets a unique challenge. What I’ve found works really well is combining universal interests with a wide variety of delivery techniques.

Universal interests make the programs relatable to the group. Every group is unique, and their universal interests are something that we adapt to.

A wide variety of delivery techniques is what I love so much about what we do at Safari Science. There are infinite ways to deliver knowledge and experiences. Some examples include speaking, acting, playing, singing, moving, interacting, and experimenting.

Creating programs is a highly creative process, and the result is a highly engaging learning experience, that really works and gets the kids interested.

At Safari Science a lot of our programs include hands-on interaction with live animals, science experiments and hands-on making projects. On their own each type of experience is fun, but when we add a little drama, a little music, some fun and games to the mix, that’s when the experience really comes to life.

Family Programs

For families, we offer day camps, birthday parties, classes and special events at the Safari Science centre. We love families, I have four kids of my own. Making moments for families is what we do here at Safari Science. From a birthday party, you’ll never forget a class that inspired your child’s future career, that they love. This is the kind of thing that happens at Safari Science.

School Programs

For schools, we support what teachers are already doing in their classroom. Making learning fun and exciting for students. Our job is to come in and support the teachers in schools by providing something that they may not have easy access to or to simply add a new perspective on a topic. The more ways students can learn and engage in a learning experience the better. We’re here to help teacher engage and educate their students in a fun and memorable way.

Let’s Learn Together

I created Safari Science to help parents and teachers engage the children in their lives with the amazing world we live in, to make learning more fun, and to help inspire the next generation of leaders.

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