Summer Camp

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An exciting summer camp with animals and science. Located in Oakville and Burlington.

  • Summer Camp Burlington
  • Summer Camp Oakville

Birthday Parties

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Birthday parties for all ages that kids love. Meet animals, do science, and more.

  • Reptile Parties
  • Critter Parties
  • Science Parties

School Programs

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Curriculum-based presentations that students love. For elementary and high school.

  • Life Systems
  • Biology
  • Zoology

After School Programs

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A great way to spend time after school, learning about animals, nature and science.  

  • Critters & Crafts
  • Animal Heroes
  • & More

Family Programs & Events

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Family events that get everyone excited for discovering animals and science.

  • Family Drop-In
  • Special Event Nights

Activity Kits

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Interactive activity kits that make learning about animals and science interactive and fun for children.

Safari Science – Where learning comes to life!

If you have kids, chances are they’ll love Safari Science. We run exciting shows and programs for schools, birthday parties and events with real live animals and hands-on activities that kids love!


  • Meet, learn about and interact with our amazing animals up-close and in person, including mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds, and more. 


  • As exciting and varied as our animals and include science experiments, maker projects and arts and crafts. 

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